Creative Activities: Maths Problem Solving 7-11










Part of the best selling Creative Activities series, Maths Problem Solving will enable you to teach children a variety of imaginative problem-solving strategies. This book shows how once children have learned the different approaches they can become individual creative thinkers and systematically apply their skills.


  • Problems are set in creative contexts to engage and motivate children
  • Plenty of visual and hands-on resources used to cater for different learning styles
  • Support for more or less able provided
  • Plenty of follow-up suggestions for further work to apply their knowledge
  • Full colour examples of pupil work included


Chapters include:

  1. Finding all possibilities
  2. Logic problems
  3. Finding rules and deciding patterns
  4. Diagram puzzles and visual puzzles


Meets the requirements to teach more creatively and to develop children’s thinking skills.


ISBN 0439965705

Scholastic 2006

Price: £14.17 and available at Amazon



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