I have written two children's books: Moon People (for readers aged 8 to 128 years) and Dottie Did It! (for readers 3 to 6 years)


Moon People by John Dabell

Illustrated by Vincent Vigla


Take a trip to the moon and find out about the people that live there!

This seriously funny book was published on the 15th June 2011, which was a lunar eclipse!

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‘I was absolutely charmed by your story, which reminded me in parts of Roald Dahl,

Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll and Dr. Seuss.’

Katherine Hamer, The Literary Paramedic.



Dottie Did It! by John Dabell

Illustrated by Kate Shannon


Who put a slipper in the fridge? Who cut the strings on daddy's guitar? Who put spaghetti in the DVD player?

Maisy is number one suspect but she blames her pretend friend Dottie for everything! Will she convince anyone?

Find out what Maisy and Dottie get up to in this funny second children's book by John Dabell.

But this from Millgate House Education Ltd.



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